“Designers are actually psychologists who can draw”

This statement is actually quite fascinating as it reminds us how design deeply affects the way we think and feel. To be a good designer in today’s society, you need to have an understanding of psychology, human behavior, and the little shortcuts, the little quirks, in the way people operate, making it easier for people to engage with your products. Lighting, textures, colors, arrangements… all are carefully chosen to create an overall harmonious mood or story.

We can’t create emotion, but we can certainly evoke it. The goal is to get the user to think in a certain way, feel in a certain way, and most importantly remember what they are seeing, to create a positive relationship and memory association.

We practice the same principles at ELEMENTS INTERIORS. We know our design is only as strong as the connection the guest makes with a space. Psychology is the science of behavior and the mind. When design and behavior match, the design will be superior.