For those who want a true one-source approach, we offer SINGLE WINDOW SOLUTIONS. The SWS approach allows us to act as consultant, fit-out contractor, procurement and logistics manager – all rolled into one. By our SWS approach client ends up with fairly large savings in time & resources.

Our scope as a Hotel designer incorporates all facets of hospitality design, including lobbies, reception and concierge areas, bedrooms, corridors, business rooms, gyms, spas, clubs, restaurants and cafés.

We believe that good design doesn’t have to be expensive. This can be achieved by having an in-house design & fit-out contracting team. To further accomplish the goal we work hard with our tradespeople, contacts and suppliers to get the best deals for our clients, resulting in aesthetically beautiful yet economical design.

If you have a budget, we’ll stick to it. Give us a measurable goal and we’ll achieve it.